What camera should I use?

Depends on where you are going to put your OrsonEye and what it is going to be watching.

Cable or Wireless? 

The wireless cameras are nice because you don't need to run a network cable; you just plug them into power and they connect to your Wifi network.

If you have security on your Wifi network, you'll have to configure the camera with your SSID and password. With a cable, you can usually just plug it in and it goes.

Wireless devices can also sometimes be flakey. Signals can bounce, walkie-talkies can interfere, cosmic rays can do whatever they do. Cables are simpler.

If you aren't sure, get a wireless camera since it is only slightly more money and you can always just use it in wired mode if wireless becomes a hassle.


Normal or Hi-Res?

Hi-res gives you more detail, but that also means them image files are much bigger. Bigger files take longer to upload and can use up your Flickr limit much more quickly if you have a free account.

The hi-res camera does have a slightly wider-angle lens, which can be nice for outdoor views.

Hi-res cameras are also significantly more expensive.

If you are not sure, I'd probably get a normal camera.


Cameras Compared

Camera Wired Wireless Hi-Res Wide Angle Amazon Price  
Axis 207 Yes No No No $275  
Axis 207W Yes Yes No No $305  
Axis 207MW Yes Yes Yes Yes $385  

Amazon usually has a good price, but sometimes you can save a bit going somewhere else. Check Google & Ebay before buying. If you do use the links above to buy your camera, 4% of the purchase goes to OrsonEye's favorite charity which is nice.


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