What Flickr account should I use to keep my OrsonEye images?

You can set up OrsonEye to use your existing Flickr account. You can create a new Flickr account just for your OrsonEye images. You can use Pro Flickr account or a Free one. You can use the OrsonEye public account.

Which is best? Well, that depends on...

Check out this handy matrix to help make an informed decision. Do stress too much, you can always change your mind at any time.

Private Free Private Pro Public
Costs Money? No Yes No
You can limit who sees your images Yes Yes No
Linked to you via an email address Yes Yes No
Linked to you via a credit card No Yes No
You have to actually go to Flickr and spend a good 60 seconds of your life to it set up Yes Yes No
You are limited to seeing only the 200 most recent images Yes No No
You are limited to uploading no more than 100MB of images per month Yes No No

Upgrading a free account

Flickr lets you upgrade a Free account to Pro account at any time and have all the limits lifted instantly. This is very handy.

If you have a free account and find yourself wishing you could see an image older than the most recent 200, you can just upgrade and instantly be able to see ALL your images since the beginning of time (well, at least since you set up your OrsonEye camera)!

If you ever have a very busy month and you use up the 100MB limit on your free account, don't worry because you can just upgrade and your OrsonEye camera will instantly start uploading all the waiting images. (Note that the camera can only hold about 200 images in it's memory and it will stop  being able to capture new images once that fills up, so don't wait too long to upgrade).

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